We Live in Time: A Tale of Love and Tragedy


Florence Pugh and Andrew Garfield star in 'We Live in Time,' a romantic drama directed by John Crowley. The film, spanning decades, begins with a quirky meet-cute involving a car accident and evolves into a deep love story. As the couple faces life's challenges, including a severe health crisis, they learn to cherish each moment together. The film is set for a limited release on October 11 and will premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival.

In the upcoming film 'We Live in Time,' directed by John Crowley and featuring Florence Pugh and Andrew Garfield, a chance encounter following a car accident blossoms into a deep, enduring romance. This romantic drama explores the complexities of love and life's inevitable challenges, capturing the heart of audiences with its poignant narrative and strong performances.

A Unique Beginning

The film kicks off uniquely as Almut, played by Florence Pugh, accidentally hits Tobias, portrayed by Andrew Garfield, with her car. This unconventional meet-cute leads to a profound connection that spans over decades. Despite the strange beginning, their relationship deepens, illustrating that love can start in the most unexpected ways and grow into a lifelong journey together.

Challenges and Triumphs

As 'We Live in Time' unfolds, Almut and Tobias navigate various life stages and challenges, including starting a family and facing severe health crises. These trials test their bond, yet they continue to support each other. The film captures the essence of a relationship that, despite its trials, grows stronger and teaches the characters, and viewers alike, the value of cherishing every moment.

Anticipation Builds for Release

The excitement for 'We Live in Time' is palpable, with its premiere scheduled for the Toronto International Film Festival followed by a limited theatrical release. The film's unique storytelling, combined with the star power of Pugh and Garfield, is expected to draw significant attention. Audiences are eager to witness this intricate tapestry of love and life's fragility on the big screen.

We Live in Time' promises to be a compelling exploration of love's endurance through life's unpredictable challenges. With its heartfelt performances and a narrative that spans decades, this film aims to leave a lasting impression on its audience, reminding them of the impermanence and beauty of life.

Notable Quotes

"Because I'm worried there's a very distinct and real possibility that I'm about to fall in love with you." - Tobias (Andrew Garfield)

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